Message from Rector

Welcome to the National University of Management (NUM). NUM is one of the leading public universities in Cambodia and is conveniently located in the city center of Phnom Penh.

Our vision statement is “Excellence in Academics.” This vision represents our strong commitment to the importance of quality based education and research which will help to facilitate our country’s transition to a knowledge-based society.

In order to achieve this vision, we are trying to improve the academic environment and upgrade our campus with modern facilities in which faculty members and students can develop and dedicate themselves to education and research at a global level.

I sincerely hope that our faculty members endeavor to do their best in both education and research.  It is very important that we adopt a student-centered approach to education to better meet our student’s needs and expectations.


Please join us on our journey towards excellence in academics.

Hor Peng, Ph.D.
National University of Management

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    newDigital program class orientation

    Today is the first day of Digital program class of the National University of Management. Rector and professors introduced the program and showed our students NUM campus.

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    ToR for Mobility to University of Vigoz

    Are you interested to go to Spain to improve research skills with experienced scholars or to have a short lecture to Spanish students? Are you a PhD candidate, Master student, researcher or lecturer at National University of Management? If your answers to above questions are “YES”, you can apply for this international mobility.

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    នៅថ្ងៃទី៣០​ ខែវិច្ឆិកា​ ឆ្នាំ២០១៩​ លោក ព្រហ្ម សុផាន់ណា សាកលវិទ្យាធិការរង និងលោក កែវ ហ៊ានធាន ប្រធានសមាគមនិស្សិតនៃសាកលវិទ្យាល័យជាតិគ្រប់គ្រង​បានដឹកនាំនិស្សិត និងក្រុមការងារ ចំនួន៥០នាក់ចូលរួមពិធីរំលឹកខួបលេីកទី៤១របស់​សហភាពសហព័ន្ធយុវជនកម្ពុជា​ នៅឯពហុកីឡដ្ឋានជាតិអូឡាំពិកក្រោមអធិបតីភាពឯកឧត្តម​ ហ៊ុន​ ម៉ានី​ ប្រធានសហភាពសហព័ន្ធយុវជនកម្ពុជា និងជាតំណាងរាស្ត្រមណ្ឌលកំពង់ស្ពឺ។

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    តើអ្វីទៅជាAeon 1% Club? ដូច្នេះទៅតាមដានការចែករំលែកនូវបទពិសោធន៍របស់និស្សិតទទួលបានអាហារូបករណ៍ពី Aeon 1% Club សិក្សារយៈពេល៤ ឆ្នាំនៅសាកលវិទ្យាល័យជាតិគ្រប់គ្រង។

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    កិច្ច​ពិភាក្សា​ជាមួយ​សាកលវិទ្យាល័យ​ អាលីកាន់តេ

    នារសៀល​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២៨​ ខែវិច្ឆិកា​ ឆ្នាំ​២០១៩​ ឯកឧត្ដម​បណ្ឌិត​សាកលវិទ្យាធិការ​ ហោ​ ប៉េង​ បានទទួល​ជួបលោក​ Manuel Palomar Sanz សាកលវិទ្យាធិការ​ នៃ​សាកលវិទ្យាល័យ​អាលីកាន់តេ​(University of Alicante) ប្រទេស​អេស្ប៉ាញ​ ដេីម្បី​ពិភាក្សា​កាងារ​មួយចំនួន​រវាង​សាកលវិទ្យាល័យ​ទាំងពីរ។