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The Center of Research and Publication

  1. The Purpose of Establishment
    • To promote academic research on economics and law in ASEAN
    • To establish international networks of relevant academic institutes(university) involved in economics and legal research projects.
  2. Main Academic Activities
    • Collect and distributes information on economics and law
    • Conduct and coordinate academic research on economic and law
    • Create international research partnerships of academics institutes, governments, business and non-government organizations
    • Conduct professional training through workships and seminars
  3. Research Hand Out
    1. LAW
      a. Dr. Hor Peng, The development of Cambodia Constitution (2013)
      b. Dr. Hor Peng, The Constitution of Cambodia Judicial Review & the Constitutional Council (2014)
      c. Dr. Hor Peng, Constitution of Kingdom of Cambodia: in Development Theories and Practices
      d. Dr. Hor Peng, Theory of Modern Constitution (2015)
      e. Dr. Hor Peng, The Evolution of Theories and Interpretation (2015)
      f. Dr. Hor Peng, A Brief of Constitutional Roles of the King (2015)
      g. Dr. Hor Peng, CAMBODIAN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (2016)
      h. Dr.Hor Peng, Cambodia's Political and Administrative System (2017)
      i. Dr. Peter Becker, The Civil Code of Cambodia(2014)
      j. Dr. Peter Becker, Private Law I (2014)
      k. Dr. Peter Becker, Public Law-Basic(2014)
      l. Dr. Peter Becker, Some Basics about Law(2014)
      m. Dr. Peter Becker, Administrative Procedural Law(2014)
    2. Economics
      a. Dr. Ung Veasna, An assessment of customer satisfaction in hotel industry in Cambodia (2013)
      b.Dr. Ung Veasna, Effect of LibQUAL Dimention on Library User Satisfaction(2013)
      c. Dr. Ung Veasna, Result of MBA Survey(2013)
      d. Dr. Tan Saroeun, Academics' quality performance toward labor market in NUM(2014)
      e. H.E Mey Kalyan, My Life and Experience in Development.
  4. Other
    1. NUM Research Series
      a. Volume1 (2014)
      b. Volume 2 (2015)
      c. Volume 3 (2016)
      d. Volume 4 (2017)
      e. Volume 5 (2020)
      f. Special Edition (2020)